Midcentury Rocker Part I

About five years ago I was trolling craigslist to find a rocker for my son’s nursery and I came across a unique little midcentury rocker for around $30. I found an original tag and it was made by Paoli Chair Co. back in 1963! PaoliRocker

It was upholstered in some horrible stained red velvet but I figured “I’ll just reupholster it, how hard can it be” (previously, my only reupholstering experience had been a couple padded seat cushions). So I went out got a painters drop cloth to use as fabric, found some brown fabric in my stash for the welt cord and slowly but surely took it apart and put it back together again resulting in this functional little piece.


I say functional because it was perfect proportions for our teeny tiny bedrooms and it was a less horrid color, but as you can see the reupholstering attempt and the boxed seat cushion in particular left a little to be desired. Fast forward to present day and I’m in the midst of tackling this chair for a second go around after many late nights rocking my two babies asleep in it.

The thing that’s different this time (besides the chaos of now having a preschooler and toddler) is that I’m armed with a couple great resources via Amanda Brown: her new book (Spruce: A Step-by-Step Guide to Upholstery and Design) and her Boxed Cushion Sewing tutorial on Design*Sponge. Amanda’s an experienced expert and writes a far better tutorial than I ever could so I’m simply going to refer you to the two aforementioned resources and show you some new progress shots. I’m so proud of how this boxed seat cushion turned out this time – feast your eyes on how professional this looks now with aligned corners and a pocket for the zipper pull.



Next up … upholstering the back and refinishing the wood armrests.

Remodelaholic Feature

I have some exciting news today … our kitchen remodel is being featured over at Remodelaholic! I’m not above begging so please send me some love and click on over to check it out.

It’s Friday, so I’m going to keep this short and sweet but I’ve got no plans this weekend so it’s time to get this little blog caught up with all of our recent project happenings. I have a lot of things in the works but nothing quite finished and blog ready. My goal for this weekend is to wrap up a fabulous mid-century chair that I reupholstered and share it early next week (to see progress snippets follow me on facebook, twitter, or instagram). I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend ahead, anyone have any exciting project plans?


Big Boy Room Before and After

Last weekend I had the pleasure of an helping a close friend turn her spare bedroom into a big boy room for her son to make room in the nursery for a new addition coming soon! I shared the mood board for the room last week and we had such a fun time putting this room together.

We began with a pretty blank slate with white walls, black curtains, a simple twin bed frame and antique dresser.




Instead of painting, we used some black adhesive vinyl to create an impactful accent wall. The cost was less than you’d spend on a gallon of paint with significantly less mess and effort. The vinyl came in a 12″ x 10′ roll which we cut down into  three 4″ wide strips and then we cut each strip into equilateral triangles by marking 60 degree angles and alternating the direction of each triangle. We were able to get over 150 triangles cut in about an hour.

I used a laser level to mark out the location of each triangle on the wall spacing my points 9″ apart, offsetting each row. With one of us marking the location and one of us adhering the triangles we had a dramatic accent wall in a couple of hours.


I swapped out the larger chair in the room with a smaller scale one from the basement and then we started adding some accessories like a mirror and two sweet prints from Minted.com.


Across from the bed we added an art area and storage baskets for toys. The clip boards provide a spot to display artwork and easily rotate in the latest masterpiece. The higher shelves will keep items like playdoh, framed pictures, ect. safely out of reach.

BigBoyRoom01 BigBoyRoom05

Out last DIY project was creating some book slings to hang over the dresser which we moved across the room to sit next to the closet. They’re loaded up with a collection of favorite reading material within easy reach of the chair for story time.

BigBoyRoom04 BigBoyRoom06

I’m in love with how amazing the vinyl accent wall turned out and my little buddy is pretty smitten with his little art area. Now here’s hoping that the transition from his crib into a twin bed isn’t too rough.

Decorating Road Trip

Is it Friday yet?? I’m excited for the weekend to get here because I’m taking a short weekend road trip to Madison, WI to help my friend decorate a big boy bedroom for her son. Her baby #2 is coming this summer so #1 is  being displaced from the nursery upgraded to a bigger room. Of course, you know I jumped at this opportunity to create a mood board for some inspiration. I scoured a lot of different online sources for products but interestingly ended up selecting ones from my favorite affordable sources: IKEA and Target.

big boy mood board

Target: Grey Organic Twin Blanket, Seafoam Green Sheet Set, Bicycle Pillow, Captain’s MirrorNate Berkus™ Water Hyacinth Basket Jo-Ann Fabric: Blue Chevron Offset Fabric Minted.com: Canned Love Art Print, Up and Away Art Print IKEA: Easel, Gray RugGalvanized Caddy Photo Sources: Book Sling, Triangle Wall Decals, Clipboard Art Display, Art Supply Caddies and Magazine Racks

I avoided a theme because I feel like kids outgrow them too quickly but I still want it to feel like a kids room so I found some great whimsical prints through minted.com. I hope to also arrange a little area for creating and displaying artwork and DIY some book slings within easy reach for bedtime stories. Lets home the little guy loves it and it’ll be an easy transition out of the nursery and into the big boy room. I can’t wait to get started.

Rubber Cement Easter Eggs

I love a great twist on an old classic so when I came across this Easter egg idea I figured I’d give it a go. Last year, Ivan and I died Easter eggs with the traditional hard boiled egg and food coloring/white vinegar dye bath. It was simple but a lot of the hard boiled eggs went to waste since no one in our house really eats them. For this year’s eggs, the rubber cement Easter eggs require the eggs to be blown-out since the rubber cement solvents could adsorb through the porous eggshell rendering them unsafe for consumption.

I almost didn’t try this because blowing out the eggs seemed like a lot of hassle but then I thought about the fact that we’d actually eat the egg whites and yolk in omelets or scrambled up. Yes, it was more work but probably worth it if we’d actually eat the eggs.


I used a safety pin to make a small hole on the top of the egg and then made a larger hole on the bottom of the egg. After a lot of hot air and a little lightheadedness I had a dozen blown-out egg shells and some eggs ready for omelets the next morning.


I then had my little assistant help dunk each of the eggs in a mixture of food coloring, water, and vinegar.


After getting to this point my helper lost interest, but it was probably best for me to take over for the rubber cement application. I missed getting a picture of this step because my hands were a sticky mess but it just involved drizzling the rubber cement over the egg and swirling it around.

After the rubber cement had dried, the eggs went back into another dye color and then were left to dry. I came back a few hours later, rubbed the rubber cement off the shells and ended up with these fun little Easter egg creations.


Anyone else doing something fun and different with Easter eggs this year?I think we are going to make a little family tradition of doing some more creative eggs each year instead of simple solid colors because there are too many fun ideas out there that I look forward to trying as the kids grow up.