Fireplace & Built-ins Finished!

4th November 2012

We starting with some horrible 70’s wood paneling about 3 years ago….

snd decided one evening that it was finally time for it to go….

But we had a plan to install a fireplace…

(and DIY every bit of it)

The framing, fireplace, and drywall went up relatively quickly…

but finishing it and the built-ins where a drawn out process over the last 3 years (thanks to numerous other projects and the birth of two kids).

We built some plywood cabinet carcasses and put stone veneer on the fireplace…

and installed maple face frames…

and because I had to make this truly difficult a beaded frame detail…

then trimmed out the mantel and cabinets with crown molding…

and built some inset doors…

and drawers…

and added hardware.

and after a long sanding and finishing process we are FINALLY done!!! I thought it would never end but we’ve decided this box was officially checked on our never ending to do list. Here are some shots of the long awaited results.

TDC Before and After

Creating with the Stars

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12 thoughts on “Fireplace & Built-ins Finished!

  1. Jocie@OPC

    Hey Becky! LOVE LOVE LOVE this! What a great job! Thanks so much for linking up with OPC and Remodelaholic to support Habitat. Featuring you on the blog tomorrow and will be sharing on FB too. :)

  2. Kate

    Great great job Becky. You have made one hell of a transformation! And the best of it is that you were hands on the whole time. I bet you can stare at the television with a real smile now! The fireplace and the stone face give that extra 'umph', nice selection Becky!

  3. _emily_rose

    Hi, I am completely impressed with everything you are doing, and have done, in your house! Since I’m getting ready to convert my fireplace to gas, I was wondering how you handled the gas line? I have a crawlspace under my house, so the installation should be pretty smooth, but I was curious if you had any tips, or if you had someone come in and do the pressure test?


  4. Denise

    I just discovered your blog on a FB post from Remodelaholic and enjoyed reading all your other posts too! I love the fireplace and built-ins. Beautiful! I was wondering what color paint you used on the walls. They go beautifully with the wood.

  5. Kelsee

    I am also so inspired and so impressed by this improvement! My question is, did you wing it on the measurements for the fireplace surround or did you have specific plans that you followed? And I was hoping to find an answer to the situation regarding gas line installation also as we are trying to install a new fireplace next year! Please and thank you for the great post and information!



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